City of Mykolaiv Ukraine
City Information and Ukrainian Culture...

Enjoy your visit to the city of Nikolaev.  See all the sights
at the City Shipyards, City Museums, downtown Sovietskaya, Universities and many places to shop.  Shipbuilding was the
major industry for years.  Today, it's a variety of industries and businessesthat support the local people of Nikolaev Ukraine.

Great information about the people of Mykolaiv and
the City of Nikolaev Ukraine and the surrounding areas
including Language Schools to study Russian and English.  Information for Transportation, City Parks, Rivers, Holidays, Celebrations, Victory Day, May Day, Special Events and The
Nikolaev City Zoo...
Nikolaev, Mykolaev or Mykolaiv, come
and have some fun in The City of Nikolaev Ukraine... 

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The City of Nikolaev Ukraine

and The People Who Live There...
Culture, Family, Celebrations, Holidays, Just Life...

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Nikolaev Ukraine

  Mykolaiv Ukraine
City Information

Mykolaiv City Zoo
The Zoo in Mykolaiv Ukraine
The Mykolaiv City Zoo is an interesting part of Mykolaiv Ukraine.  It's best to visit during the cooler months but anytime is entertaining.

Mykolaiv Outdoor Attractions
Outdoor Zoo Attractions
Mykolaiv Regional Zoopark has many attractions outside and inside too.  The City of Mykolaiv is well known for one of the best kept secrets in Ukraine.

Geese in Mykolaiv
Geese at The Mykolaiv Zoo
many types of water life can be seen at the Mykolaiv Regional Zoo.  The city maintains the park with people who care for the animals and the environment.

Scarecrow at The Zoo
Mykolaiv Zoo Scarecrow
Yes, there are many interesting parts of the Mykolaiv Zoo.  The City of Mykolaiv is proud of what they created many years ago.

Sail Boat at Yacht Club

Yacht Club Walkway Nikolaev

Docked Sailboat in Nikolaev

Moored Sailboats at Yacht Club

Monument at Yacht Club

Lion at The Mykolaiv Zoo
Mykolaiv Zoo Lion
Mykolaiv is home to many sights but, the Mykolaiv Regional Zoo is a great place to take the kids for an outing.

Horse Rides at The Nikolaev Zoo
Ride Horses at The Mykolaiv Zoo
Horse rides are one of the attractions for the kids young and not!  Not expensive and lot's of fun!

Boy Statue at The Zoo
Satues at The Zoo
This statue has been there for many years and when you see it, you must take a double take; it looks so real!

Feed The Animals at The Zoo

Everyone has fun at The Mykolaiv City Zoo.  It's open weekdays and weekends too.

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Nikolaev Ukraine
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Nikolaev Ukraine
  Zoo Information

Statues at The Mykolaiv Zoo
Monuments at The Zoo
Families visit the Mykolaiv Zoo just about everyday in the summertime.  Weekends are popular too, weather permitting.

Outdoor Wild Animals
Wild Animals at The Zoo
The walkways are kept clean along with the rest of the zoo.  There are gifts shops and cafes too!

Lions and Tigers
Lions and Tigers at The Zoo
Lions and Tigers are popular attractions at the Mykolaiv Zoo.  Viewing the wildlife is possible inside and outside.

Turtles on A Log
Mykolaiv Zoo Turtles
Ponds and other water areas are favorites of everyone at the zoo.  Hot summer days brings are great for sunbathing.

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